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We’re always looking for fun and caring individuals to join our staff!

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From counselors to nurses to administrators, Camp Rising Sun is operated almost entirely by our extraordinary volunteers.

While each staff member has their own motivation for volunteering, they all give up a week each year to live in a cabin, eat camp food, dress in silly costumes, and return home incredibly tired. It is quite possibly the best week in their year!

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Why Volunteer with Camp Rising Sun?

Our volunteers do more than make camp a magical experience—they become part of the Camp Rising Sun Family.

1/3 of our counselors are former campers
2:1 ratio of campers to staff
80% of our volunteers return each year
  • Dan 5-year counselor

    CRS isn’t just a weeklong summer camp; it’s a year-round family. The kids aren’t the only ones that benefit from Camp Rising Sun — the counselors do, too. Seeing the relationships, camaraderie, and confidence that each kid develops at camp is something that sticks with me throughout the calendar year.

  • Justin 11-year camper, first-year counselor

    I first came as a 7-year-old camper just after I was diagnosed with cancer. I met 2-3 guys that first year and I am still good friends with them. They are my only friends that I can open up to and discuss my diagnosis and treatment. There is no way I would be able to be at the spot I am now in my life if it wasn’t for camp… Camp opens up the opportunity for conversation, it’s the one place where you’re able to have open dialogue and I think that’s the healthiest thing for someone going through a traumatic experience like cancer.

  • Heather 6-year camper, 30-year counselor

    It was my last year of chemotherapy and I was very nervous because I had never been to a summer camp…It was just the place I think I needed at the time, to be with kids that understood what it was like to have cancer. I had this very casual conversation with a counselor in the cabin, who happened to be a cancer survivor herself; it ended up being a very special moment. I realized that life could be different and that cancer was not always going to be the biggest thing in my life. She was in college and she seemed very cool to me…it gave me that example of hope that I really needed at that time.

  • Nadia 6-year camper, 15-year counselor

    My parents were nervous about me going to camp, but my doctor explained that there is an oncologist there the whole time and talked my dad into letting me go. When I came home after that first year and he saw how happy I was, there was no question that he was going to let me come back every year. Some of my best friends have been my camp friends…they become family, not just friends. My counselors gave me hope: when I became a counselor I wanted to be that same type of counselor.

Volunteer Opportunities

  • Cabin Counselor

    Cabin counselors are responsible for the 24-hour supervision and safety of a group of campers during Mini-Camp Weekend and Camp Week. Counselors eat, sleep, and enthusiastically participate in activities with our campers. You will be a role model for campers, bringing energy and fun every day of camp.

  • Activity Leader

    Come up to camp during Camp Week and lead an activity for our campers. If you have a special skill that you can share with our campers, this is a great opportunity!

  • Annual Night Out Fundraiser

    Our annual event at the Owenego in Branford is our biggest fundraiser and requires a lot of helping hands, from planning to checking tickets to helping run the raffle and silent auction.

  • Program Staff

    Team Program is the heart and soul of the “fun” part of Camp Rising Sun. You’ll start by planning a fun-filled week of activities for our campers, then spend Camp Week making sure everything goes (mostly) according to plan! It’s fun, it’s exhausting, it’s an experience like no other.

  • Program Staff Photographer

    Campers and staff always leave Camp Rising Sun with memories to last a lifetime, but having a few of those memories captured in photos is a great way to share the joy! You’ll capture the moments, big and small, that make CRS the special place that it is.

  • Program Staff Arts & Crafts

    Are you artsy? Or maybe a little crafty? Come to CRS and help campers make creations they’ll treasure forever. You’ll get to help plan activities for cabin groups, then help campers add their creative touches. Oh, you must also love shrinky-dinks!

  • Program Staff Operations

    Our behind-the-scenes crew ensures that our Camp Week keeps rolling smoothly along. Setting up and tearing down activities, keeping our “stuff” organized and in good working order, and occasionally being called on to fix something that got broken (accidentally, of course!).

  • Medical Staff

    CRS is seeking nurses, nurse practitioners, or pediatric oncologists to help monitor the health of our campers while at camp. Our medical staff keep the “Band-Aid Barn” ready for campers 24 hours a day. Campers who need chemotherapy, blood tests, or just about any other treatment can get it right on campus.

Volunteer Expectations

In addition to being responsible, caring, and fun-loving, our volunteers must also:

  • Be at least 18 years of age before Camp Week begins
  • Undergo a background check
  • Undergo a health screening (download health form)
  • Conduct an interview with our Director Staff
  • Participate in staff training, typically a day in January and a day in July
  • Be available for our Mini-Camp Weekend and for the entirety of Camp Week

How to Apply

Start by filling out an application! Then, a member of our Director Staff will reach out to schedule an interview and discuss the rest of the application process.

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