Camp Week FAQs

Here are some of the most common questions we get about Camp Rising Sun week…

What day of the week does camp start?

Camp starts on Sunday afternoon. Your specific arrival time will be sent to you a few weeks before camp. We stagger arrival times to make it more manageable for campers and staff.

What day of the week does camp end?

Camp ends on Friday morning. The exact pickup time will be provided a few weeks before camp.

I registered on the CampDoc website. What’s my next step?

While you finish up your registration and upload important documents such as medical forms, insurance card, immunization information, and a photo of your child, we are reviewing it for completeness. Our medical staff is also reviewing the medical components. Prior to camp, you will receive a packet in the mail with all the packing information, your arrival times, and any specific camp details needed. Additionally, you will hear from one of our medical staff to review your camper’s medical information and answer any questions you may have.

What’s the food like?

The dining hall at Camp Jewell provides us with a variety of awesome food. Each meal is a buffet with multiple options. Breakfast includes hot options, cold cereal, and fruit and yogurt. Lunch always features a salad bar, a hot option, and often a cold option like sandwiches. Dinner also includes a salad bar and a hot option. We review all campers’ records for dietary restrictions to ensure their meals conform to any restrictions, and there is always a vegetarian option available.

Should I send snacks with my camper?

We ask that you do not send snacks to camp. We try to limit food in the cabins to help with cleanliness and deter critters. We provide snacks at various times and dessert each evening. Overindulging in snacks and sweets often leads to bellyaches in the cabin.

What if my camper’s medications have changed since I completed their camp application?

Any changes to your camper’s medical information or medications can be faxed to (203) 654-7886, and we will update your CampDoc registration. It is very important to do this before coming to camp to allow our medical staff to review it and address any questions.

What type of medical staff is at camp?

Your camper is actually closer to medical care at camp than at home. Whenever camp is in session, there is a pediatric oncologist on-site as well as at least six registered nurses running The Doc Joe Camp Rising Sun Band-Aid Barn.

Do you offer transportation to camp?

Yes, we offer bus transportation from the Milford, Connecticut area, as well as southeast Connecticut and RI/MASS. Please call (203) 481-7277 for more details.

Should my child bring their phone?

Camp is a great opportunity to unplug, so we do not allow campers to have their phones at camp. The signal is actually horrible up there anyway. Should you need to contact your camper during the week, you can call or text us at (203) 481-7277. Remember, even we don’t have a great signal while we’re there. However, if it’s an emergency, you should call Camp Jewell at (860) 379-2782.

CAMP is generously sponsored by:

  • Connecticut Childrens
  • Saint John Bosco Parish
  • Premier Subaru Branford
  • New Haven Catholic
  • East Haven Rotary Club
  • Yale New Haven
  • Westcott and Mapes Inc
  • Hartford HealthCare
  • Focus CT
  • Lions International